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Spain increases the consumption of anxiolytics

 For a few weeks different Spanish media such as La VanguardiaLa Razón or El Confidencial have talked about the increase in the consumption of anxiolytics and what their consumption entails.

More than two million people take anxiolytics regularly. In other words, there are already more people who consume them than the population diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

 Painkillers can cause mood swings, fatigue, blurred vision, muscle weakness, dry mouth sensation and addiction.

 A natural alternative without these side effects can be CBD (cannabis oil), since it stimulates the CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors, which participate in the regulation of depression-related neurotransmitters; regulates serotonin and dopamine levels to promote emotional stability; facilitates the psycho-physical balance in the management and reduction of stress and in the maintenance of mental and physical energy; has an anxiolytic and antipsychotic effect; favors the quality of sleep and rest; and it is anti-inflammatory.

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