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The product is made exclusively from organic ingredients. The mask moisturises and regenerates the skin of the face very well. It gives an immediate effect.

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  • Hemp seeds: grown from selected cannabis strains and organic crops;
  • Hemp oil: its chemical composition is similar to protective fat produced by the human skin. The hemp oil improves lipid metabolism, soothes skin lesions, and does not clog sebaceous glands. Unsaturated acids constitute 80% of its composition. Remaining saturated acids, which are not absorbed by the body, form a protective layer over the skin preventing water evaporation;
  • Mint: alleviates tiredness, lubricates and brightens the skin;
  • Macadamia oil: has firming properties, stimulates skin microcirculation and functioning of the lymphatic system.


Use: Apply a small amount 3 times a week, rubbing gently for 3 minutes, after 15 minutes wash off with warm water.

Expiry date: 60 days from the date of production. The date of production equals the date of sending the package (the mask is produced only after the order has been made).

Capacity: 100ml

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