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Polesian ginseng is a traditional medicinal tincture prepared and used in Polesie for centuries.

Notice: The product does not contain alcohol, which you can add on your own.

Plant rootstalks are hand-picked in ​​Polesie.


Polesian ginseng (Potentilla erecta) took its Latin name from the word “potens”, meaning “powerful”, which emphasises healing properties of the plant. The tincture, made from rootstalks of the plant, has anti-inflammatory and anti-diarrheal properties. Helps with indigestion, food poisoning, diarrhea, stomach diseases, and hemorrhoids. Alleviates gum swelling, tonsil inflammation, and sore throat when used as a rinse.


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Cardiac herbal mixture


The tea is especially recommended for people at risk of heart disease and hypertension. A herbal brew prepared from the specially selected herbs of this mixture is a source of beneficial antioxidants, of which flavonoids increase the supply of oxygenated blood to cardiac muscle (eliminating pains and shortness of breath), and procyanidins mildly reduce blood pressure. The herbs improve cardiac function and regulate the heart rhythm, increasing myocardial contractility and slightly reducing the frequency of cardiac contractions.


Price €8.00

Slimming herbal mixture


This herbal mixture helps normalise metabolism, which contributes to weight loss. Specially selected herbs improve the well-being of diabetics by regulating blood sugar levels. An infusion prepared from the herbs of this mixture improves metabolism and facilitates slimming when consumed regularly. Additionally, it supports detoxification, which positively affects protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism. The mixture freshens and strengthens the whole body, supplying it with valuable microelements and other nutrients necessary for proper functioning.


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 A herbal brew prepared from the specially selected herbs of this mixture helps first hinder the development of parasites and worms and then completely eliminate them from the body. The mixture is also well-suited for helminthiasis prevention (protects against vermination). Painstakingly picked herbs are safe for consumption, at the same time being effective in combating parasites. Bitter herbs, such as tansy or wormwood, have been known for a long time as natural means in the fight against helminthiasis. Wormwood is especially helpful against worms and in restoring acid-base homeostasis. Wild thyme strengthens the immune system weakened after fighting parasites.


Price €8.00

Immunity herbal mixture


Herbal therapy using this mixture strengthens the whole body. It is particularly recommended in the case of avitaminosis, fatigue, and after blood loss. A tea prepared from the mixture helps prevent diseases, increases immunity during winter, and reduces negative effects of avitaminosis in the spring.
Nettle and betony provide microelements, blueberry and melilot purify the blood, and walnut has anti-parasitic properties and a mild laxative effect.


Price €8.00

Hormonal herbal mixture


A herbal brew prepared from the specially selected herbs of this mixture helps in the treatment of women’s health problems, regulates hormone metabolism, eases symptoms of menopause, strengthens the body, restores energy, and provides support during pregnancy. Sage, round-leaved wintergreen, and sidebells wintergreen normalise estrogen levels and balance hormones. Motherwort relieves mood swings during the climacteric. Common mugwort detoxifies the body and restores vitality. Chamomile has calming properties.